New Google AJAX feature – removing Supplemental Results

Update: Yep, I was being silly, other people spotted this ages ago… My personalised search doesn’t seem to like me much.

Click for full screen shot

This feature seems new to me, Google seems to be testing an option to remove supplemental results, you may have noticed that many now give 404s. When you click it a yellow box pops up below (without refreshing the page) telling you it has been removed and there is an options showing this:

I noticed it on this search which I found on digg.

Official Google help on it can be found here!

Please tell me whether you people see the same options..

Bug Me Not

If you know me you probably already know about BugMeNot, but, just in case you don’t: it’s a brilliant idea. Its a database of ‘dummy’ usernames and passwords for irritating sites which force you to register to read their articles (or download stuff). And it even has a very convenient Firefox extension which fills in the form fields for you.


File sharing can be legal!

Public Domain Torrents is a great website which tracks torrents of public domain (uncopyrighted) films for you to download. They’re also conveniently encoded as PDA versions too! Something to occupy me on my next tube journey…

From Public Domain Movie Torrents with PDA versions:

What is Public Domain?
Works become part of the public domain, meaning no longer OWNED by their creators, when they reach a certain age and/or when the original creator/owner does not renew their copyright.