Winding down a bit

For most of this year, this blog has had a post every day. THe vast majority of these were simply links to sites that interested/entertained me a bit. Given that there are so many other sources of these links out there I’ve decided to mostly stop that. I recommend Reddit, Digg, MetaFilter, Waxy and Kottke.

I will now be posting less often but my posts will hopefully of a higher quality, there will be:

  • Original articles on things, usually techy
  • My opininion, which I find interesting but you may not.
  • Links to the wonderful things I’ve created
  • Links to random things which REALLY entertained me, but not every day


Many people on the Internet (including me from time to time) seem to have too much time on their hands. This page analyses a song in which Kate Bush sings the digits of Pi and finds out that she is actually referring to a ring of trees.

This discovery of the ring of trees at the precise location that I decoded from the song completes the quick verification that there is indeed hidden information in the song, and that I am not chasing illusions.

[Via b3ta]