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I asked Digg for clarification on why they contradicted themselves. This is their reply

Dear Sir,

Yes, at first they appeared to be valid accounts to us, on a daily basis we’re confronted with lots of spammers, we have an internal system that automatically detects mass fraudsters, some of the things the system looks for is, are these accounts all coming from one IP, are these accounts promoting their site, are these accounts using proxies, are these accounts digging stories from 1 user only and many other things. The system did not detect anything wrong with this group of users. To our surprise many many users had them on their friend list one of them being Kevin Rose, we just couldn’t find anything wrong at first. We asked our team of coders to look into it and they confirmed to us that there are instances of these users using a script. We asked ourself, why would these users use a script, the content they were submitting was quality content, the sites they were submitting were extremely well known websites, there stories would have been dugg anyways. Users ask well why was Kevin Rose name also there, he just happened to digg both stories one after the other, like any other user will do when they have a user on their friend list. Other users ask us why did you block forevergeek, forevergeek was blocked only after the system found that multi accounts were being created all from one IP in the sole purpose of spamming digg. The user with the IP emailed us and asked why did you block my IP and URL, we explained to him that it is against our Terms Of Use to create multi accounts and accuse users of abuse in public, we told him we will unban his account if he agreed not to do this again, just like we do with all other users, but the user kept on creating accounts while just minutes before the user had agreed not to do it, he emails us again and this time he agrees, we unblocked his account and URL, the URL being forevergeek. Your account also got caught in this mix, you also went on creating another account, if you had created more then 1 account your URL would have also being automatically blocked. We ask our users to email us when they have a problem or when they come across instances of abuse, not to our surprise all those who went on making out of this a conspiracy never contacted us. We here at digg have learned something out of this and that is we need to improve our internal fraud/spam detection system. Digg is and will always be controlled by you and digg users. Such things are bound to happen, it’s just the reality of giving thousands upon thousands of users 100% moderation control of a website and what makes digg inherently different. I hope I have answered your questions, if you have more questions or if there is something still unclear to you, please email us and we’ll do our best to help you 🙂 .

Thank you for your patience,

-The Digg Watch Team.

My first piece of advice to Digg is to learn how to paragraph.

More seriously though, I’m reasonably satisfied with their explanation. We’ll never no for sure whether Kevin Rose was part of the scam but it is possible that he wasn’t.

The only thing I have a real problem with is this:

Such things are bound to happen, it’s just the reality of giving thousands upon thousands of users 100% moderation control of a website and what makes digg inherently different.

Digg does not give 100% moderation control. If it did then there would be no administrators, moderators, etc. Everyone would be the same. One way to describe it might be ‘non hierarchical editorial control’. Currently there are administrators who can delete a post because they do not like it, this is what happened to my posts, they weren’t automatically deleted. They were deleted by a human.

In my opinion another flaw is the burying process in which a pretty small minority can censor a majority of Diggers anonymously. If those who Digg a post are revealed why can’t those who bury it be revealed also? But I gather this is to be changed. There needs to be a method to resuscitate buried posts. Especially those with 1400 diggs.

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