There are a lot of Firefox extensions out there with comedy value, here are some of my favourites.


You may notice some slight differences in the title bars above to that your Firefox. This is the work of the wonderful FireSomething. FireSomething has a number of (configurable) prefixes and suffixes which it randomly arranges in hilarious ways.

It also allows you to rebrand the about dialog and to send your new name in your User-agent header (you’ll attract the attention of WebMasters perusing their stats!)

Unfortunately FireSomething has not been released for Firefox 1.5, I have manually edited the XPI to support 1.5 and it works great for me but I have not stringently tested it. If you want to use my version click here to install FireSomething. If you have a version of Firefox prior to 1.5, then see the entry at Mozilla Update.

Bork Bork Bork!

The Swedish Chef is a well known Internet phenomenon but this extension takes it just a bit further.


Bork Bork Bork adds a checkable option in the View menu to convert your web browsing experiment into the Swedish Chef’s bizarree dialect. It perfectly preserves the layouts of pages and applies to everything, inlcuding error messages!


It also has a window called the Chef’s Kitchen which allows you to choose what URL’s you want automatically ‘borked’ and others to whitelist.


Opera is the only browser that rivals Firefox in terms of features and for a long time it’s free version was sponsored by a compulsory AdBar at the top of the page. AdBar allows you to give Firefox the same functionality, but nobody gets the money from your clicks. When it can’t get Google Ads it encourages donations to the Mozilla Foundation and offers advice.


View and Install AdBar at Mozilla Update


All over the Internet we are drowned in messages telling us how insecure our transactions may be. Its enough to make you fear for your life. Thats until you get Anti Paranoia!

It pops up re-assuring “Don’t Panic” messages both randomly and on-demand in particularly tense situations.



You may have received a chain email something like this in the past. It cites research stating that words are very readable even if the letters between first and last are re-arranged. Although some of the email is not true the phenomenon it mentions is. This extension allows you to select any text and adds a right click option to pop up a scrambled version of it using a number of options. You can also enter your own text to scramble.


View and install at Mozilla Update

A few more..

about:KitchenSink – There are extensions in FireFox to do virtually anything and for a long time it has had everything except a Kitchen Sink, now it has that too. (Just an ASCII animation of a kitchen sink, extension also has other features) – See also the Book Of Mozilla

Abe Vigoda Statusbar – monitor whether Abe Vigoda is still alive in your statusbar, totally bizarre!!

LeetKey – allows you to appear seriously cool by translating your text into h4x0r

DelciousDelicacies – it was a sad day when Firefox’s description of cookies in the privacy changed from “Cookies are delicious delicacies”. This nostalgic extension restores the text to its former glory.

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