Digg gets it wrong

Earlier today on digg, the following appeared: link

I must admit I just ignored it as one of the many things on Digg that are not of interest to me personally. But we have since found out, through Digg again, the real story.

The power of Digg’s self-regulating community is shown as this message has come up, I presume without any external interference but simply from users reporting it.

I think that this does illustrate the weakness of Digg though, the article linked to by the first headline was factually accurate, it was mostly just quoting the developers who did not say they wanted their game pirated, simply that they did not want to protect it with DRM. Unfortunately in the competition to be promoted to the front page, submitters tend to make their posts as sensationalist as possible and often misrepresent the items they link to.

The other thing that annoys me about digg is the rudeness of its commenters, I think that it is because people are able to express their approval of an article by (silently) digging, whereas to show their disagreement they have to make a comment (or report it). It is impressive that the correction made it to the front-page in less than an hour and a half though, and it will not stop me from visiting regularly.