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Yesterday I decided to undertake an experiment. My favourite browser, Firefox, allows its users to add extensions. Currently 1102 extensions are available at Mozilla update. I decided to install 100 of the most popular extensions at the same time, trying to avoid those that duplicated others functionality. Cruelly, the hundredth was the XPI delay remover.

This scrollable screenshot below shows the result. (View in own page)

Superbrowser - full

It was really extraordinarily stable. The work of hundreds of programmers who had no idea their code would be used together, coexisting happily in the browser.

Here is what I got when I right-clicked:

Right click

Overall I was very impressed. The browser was a little slow on my machine (which doesn’t have impressive specs) but there were no crashes except when installing the extensions. The main problem I had was that the statusbar became so wide that on some websites I had to expand the browser window onto my second monitor! I discovered a number of extensions that I would not otherwise have known about and strongly recommend a trawl through at least the first hundred.


Update: (28 Feb) Statistics


It takes around seven seconds to start up.

It freezes for at least one second between pages (I guess a lot is hanging on the onLoad.)

It has not yet crashed, half hour or so I’ve browsed with it, since all the extensions have been installed (for some reason it did crash immediately after installing them, before restarting.)

See also: My roundup of the funniest extensions

314 thoughts on “The Superbrowser”

  1. Pfft. If I use IE on a freshly installed PC, and I surf the more darker areas of the web a bit, I get much more than 100 extensions including a kazillion toolbars installed automatically that not only integrate with the browser but even punch through to the OS.

  2. Very interesting, nice idea. Firefox is evidently a relatively stable browser which is good to know. I try and keep my extensions to a minimum but they can really make life a whole lot easier.

  3. I really doubt he is still running that!

    I’ve been running Bon Echo, which is basically Firefox Beta, and its been running great!

    I wonder how long until IE copy FF’s extensions feature!

  4. Three cheers of Firefox! It can withstand any load (provided ur computer can) BTW after installing those 100 extensions did the load up time increase a lot?

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  7. lol, wanted to try this on Internet Explorer, but I couldn’t even find 100 addons for it.

  8. Hmm that seems quite dandy, but about 30 extensions seemed useless. the “Information Misc Outline” toolbar seems useful.

  9. Would you be willing to fix my trackback ?
    I don’t know what happened but it pulled my CSS not the text…
    So it would be :
    […]The Extend Firefox Contest winners were announced, though I don’t know if it was today or not it is still cool to see who won. The extensions were the best of the best. Also most of them were used to create Clutterfox. Here is some of my favorite extensions that won : All-In-One Sidebar (Best User Experience Upgraded Extension) […]

  10. 太厉害了 不过估计也跑不起来了 我装十几个插件就感觉老卡了

  11. Well!!….You’ll never know until you try the extreme!!!!!!!!

    A big round of cheers!!!

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