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Yesterday I decided to undertake an experiment. My favourite browser, Firefox, allows its users to add extensions. Currently 1102 extensions are available at Mozilla update. I decided to install 100 of the most popular extensions at the same time, trying to avoid those that duplicated others functionality. Cruelly, the hundredth was the XPI delay remover.

This scrollable screenshot below shows the result. (View in own page)

Superbrowser - full

It was really extraordinarily stable. The work of hundreds of programmers who had no idea their code would be used together, coexisting happily in the browser.

Here is what I got when I right-clicked:

Right click

Overall I was very impressed. The browser was a little slow on my machine (which doesn’t have impressive specs) but there were no crashes except when installing the extensions. The main problem I had was that the statusbar became so wide that on some websites I had to expand the browser window onto my second monitor! I discovered a number of extensions that I would not otherwise have known about and strongly recommend a trawl through at least the first hundred.


Update: (28 Feb) Statistics


It takes around seven seconds to start up.

It freezes for at least one second between pages (I guess a lot is hanging on the onLoad.)

It has not yet crashed, half hour or so I’ve browsed with it, since all the extensions have been installed (for some reason it did crash immediately after installing them, before restarting.)

See also: My roundup of the funniest extensions

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  1. Well I’ve been using 112 extensions for almost a year now! It works just fine for me why should I be impressed with youres? Just because you have never actualy used them or customized them? or for the fact that you’ve like 20 menu over there ?? Get a life dude .. get a life..

  2. great article.

    “[Geeks Are Sexy] Tech. News Said,

    February 27, 2006 @ 2:27 am

    Ack! You have a diseased mind my friend 🙂

    I have to admit that your experiment speaks quite well of firefox stability, but man, who would want a 10 pages long contextual menu?


    [Geeks Are Sexy] Tech. News”

    lol, anyone who uses ie…

  3. Hahaha, the thing about the XPI delay extentions if funny. Firefox should not load any extentions until they are required. Then no one can say it loads slower because of extensions (like that makes IE look better anyway…)

    Firefox and Opera are good browsers though.

  4. When setting up The Fox, always install MrTech’s Local Install first. Awesome features that make everything to do with other extensions that you install better and easier, including the ability to force compatibility of some extensions that would be un-installable and un-usable otherwise.

  5. You should post a link to download all of those at once, or is that a breach of copyright? Are the extensions automatically considered freely distributable since they are for Firefox?

  6. What is the name of the extension that puts the phrase “I am afraid! (H)” in the right-click menu? I’d like to try it.

  7. I have many of the top extensions installed, and I have used it regularly and I have had several crashes…it’s not unbearable…but annoying… I would say that it probably crashes twice as often on myspace than any other website…but it does happen on several different websites.

  8. This is nuts! 🙂 But Bravo, I love it!
    I think the next step would be to create a horizontal smooth scrolling tool bar so that to keep everything on one-two lignes instead of 5. With all these extensions installed you cant see much of what you are browsing.

  9. If you still have it setup, then some resource stats would be great. I wonder how many of those extensions should really be part of the browser itself. Obviously not all should be (eg I see you have the Delicious extension, and weather) but I think Firefox would benefit from integrating more of these ideas into the core browser. Otherwise the problem is that they can easily break when updating the browser. For some reason Firefox with lots of extensions still feels streamlined, not in your face, and does exactly what you want when you want it, but Opera (which contains alot of these features by default) feels bloated and fiddly to use in comparison.

    Nasef Said,
    “Well I’ve been using 112 extensions for almost a year now! It works just fine for me why should I be impressed with youres? Just because you have never actualy used them or customized them? or for the fact that you’ve like 20 menu over there ?? Get a life dude .. get a life..”

    The difference is he just ran a stress test, and wrote up a short article to share with everyone, where as you add no value to the net whatsoever.

    ffox user Said,
    “god damn man get a life”

    Hmm, the problem with allowing people to comment freely is you always get a certain number of trolls that have nothing better to do than discredit other people’s effort. Hell with freedom of speech – just delete the trolls comments. They add no value to the net at all!

    The fact that it’s been dugg to the homepage means people HAVE found this interesting/useful. If you don’t, then move along children.

  10. I love firefox… and I wish to spit and spread the fire…. I dont say ya are crazy…but the fOxy lady….

    Hey….Has it “google Serach Preview extension”. Because I disable it out of my 14 extensions 🙂 and I am pretty happy wih that number.
    “Spread the word….firefox”



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